Sunday, January 10, 2010

3D Quetzalcoatl

I tried to make my quetzalcoatl out of this weird coloured children's clay........ i don't think that 3D work is my strong point, so i won't be trying this again.

For some reason the whenever i added bits of clay on to each other it was impossible to smooth the join marks. This means that my Quetzalcoatl looks a bit lumpy.

I think he looks quite cute though.....

Since the Quetzalcoatl is meant to be half a reptile and half a bird, i gave mine some wings (which don't look very bird like) and attempted to give it a kind of reptile like body (hence the stripey belly which reminded me of a snakes underbelly). I then gave it a beak - the Quetzalcoatl is often depicted with a beak, and a kind of crest like a chicken might have. I stuck to just using 2 colours of the clay because i thought that more might make the model over complicated - and i know that we are going to be restricted to using only three colours when we produce our final illustrations. The trouble is that because i used red and yellow and put a crest on my model i think he looks more like a chicken than a mythical creature.. I wanted to put in more detail, but i found it impossible to do so when working with the clay.

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