Saturday, January 9, 2010

Work of madi

I found this on an website of contemporary illustrators.... It features the work of an illustrator called Madi. She's illustrated a children's book, what i found more interesting was that her website featured some pages from her sketchbook leading up to the development of her book.

This is the final double page spread from the children's book - showing how some children are scared of the monsters that hide in their cupboard....

Here are the pages from Madi's sketchbook which show the development of the charatcers from intial sketches to final characters.

The final mosters look like they are a collage of felt and images - which is really interesting and something i had never considered.. The nice thing about using felt would be that it limits you to making a simple image. I might have a go at using some...
The intial drawings are quite simple,  and naive in style, one thing all the monsters share in common is pointy teeth and several limbs.

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