Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For my 4 card suits i was thinking of having characteristics of my chosen mythical beasts, i wanted the card suits to be related to features of each of my mythical beasts in some manner. I was intially thinking of having talons, feathers and scales, but was unsure of what the fourth suit should be.
Talons and feathers are a feature of the Quetzalcoatl, Gamayun, and firebird
Talons could also be a feature of the jormungandr and rainbow serpent
Scales are a feature of the jormungandr, jengu and rainbow serpent

Having done some research into images of lizards, and spending some time drawing them, i came up with the idea of having my fourth suit as lizard eyes. This would then relate to the Jormungandr, rainbow serpent, quetzalcoatl and even possibly the jengu depending on how i decide to illustrate her.

I decided to research some images of the above so i could come up with some simplified versions to use as symbols for my card suits.

This is a very detailed photograph of a feather, Although an image like ythis is far to complex to use as a symbol, it provides some interesting information about the structure of a feather, which may be useful at some point...

I thought this image was particularly good at revealing the general shape of a feather, which is what i need when considering how i might simplify a feather into a symbol.

Finally, i thought this image would be useful because it shows several different shapes of feathers,

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