Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking at Contemporary stuff.....

Visited the association of illustrators website
found these...

This is by Chris Garbutt, (black and white) features a unicorn, (this wasn't intentional) but is really simple.

(Right) By Dandi Palmer

Also found these - possibly more decorative than Ben wanted us to find, but i really like them..They do feature mythical beasts though.

Thought this one by Johny Voss (Woof!) was also good, again, simple, but the way the dog has a bright red ring aroud him really draws attention to him.

Lindiwe Mafusire-Strawford - Harpie, i thought this was quite interesting, like the decorative pattern of lines.

I found some work by someone called Alberto Cerrinto, i couldn't copy it, but here's a link

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