Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photograph of a bird featured on a oriental china plate

I found an oriental style china plate which has some illustrations of mythical beasts on it (which i have photographed). The illustrations feature a bird, serpent, a dragon (of some description - i think) and what looks to be a turtle. They are produced only in a limited palette of blues, greens, reds and purples with a gold trim. The style is typically oriental - decorative and inticately patterned, which is a feature i really like. I thought the serpent was interesting, particularly the manner in which the scales are depicted on it's body.

Photograph of serpent featured on an oriental style china plate

I really like the strong flowing lines of these illustrations and flat, block areas of colour.

Photograph of a dragon (or is it a lion?) featured on an oriental style china plate.

These images provide a useful reference point when developing the illustrations of my two jokers and the four top cards in my card suit. They could also be useful when considering the four card suit symbols.

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