Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have looked at the list of mythical creatures on Wikipedia and have selected all the creatures associated with each of the four elements. I kind of wanted my myhtical creatures to be related in some way rather than to be selected at random, but not sure what this will be yet.

I have gone through each list and only kept links to the mythical creatures that i am interested in
- those which have certain characteristics such as not being too stereotypica, and those which quite obiviously portray the element they are associated with.

List of Mythical beasts associated with Air:

Okay- some of these are weather affecting, so that could be something to consider when creating the symbols for the card suits...

List of mythical beasts associated with Fire


Mythical Creatures associated with Earth:


This listing also includes subterranean and cave-dwelling creatures,

there are loads of mythical beasts associated with water, i will have to sift through this!!


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